Newport Construction Corporation is a multi-disciplined general construction & construction management firm that offers numerous services to its clientele base that include pre-construction, construction, and project close-out activities. Through the use of its construction management services, Newport Construction provides owners, architects, and engineers an innovative and effective approach to successfully manage their projects, monitor costs and construction schedules, and control the timing of decisions to ensure all project goals and expectations are realized.


Through our vast industry expertise and passionate commitment to every client, Newport Construction prepares each project for success in this initial and most critical project stage through our various pre-construction services.

Cost Estimating

One of our main roles during each pre-construction effort as design concepts are still in the development stage, Newport Construction’s management team will provide accurate and detailed estimates at each stage of the project design. In addition, we take pride in our abilities to expand this function further to aid our clients in all aspects of costing to include overall and complete project costing and development analysis functions.

Building System Selections

Drawing upon our vast knowledge and experience within the construction industry, Newport Construction provides our clients with not only project cost and constructability forecasting but also an innovative building system design analysis to provide the most efficient and cost-effective building solutions for our clients. Through this service, our clients can benefit from the most efficient building systems for their specific project to allow for an optimum balance between aesthetics, functionality, initial and operational costs, ease of construction, and material availability.

Value Engineering

Another vital staple of any pre-construction effort, Newport Construction’s value engineering stage provides our clients with a detailed analysis of cost-cutting measures to ensure construction budgets that can realize workable project solutions. Through work shopping with our firm’s management team and drawing on our established subcontractor relationships, all construction alternatives can be appropriately uncovered, valued, and realized to maximize the overall goals and requirements of our clients.

Subcontractor Scope Preparation

Newport Construction believes that superior project plans and specifications coupled with thorough subcontractor scopes are vital to the success of any project. In order to achieve this principle our firm prepares detailed scope of work summaries for all subcontract packages and steers all contract documents to match these trade scopes.

This effective approach enables our firm to concurrently release and award initial trade packages to commence the construction process while latter packages are still within the bid stage. In addition, Newport Construction, through the use of these summaries, will also analyze construction sequencing, overlapping trade jurisdictions, and clarifications as to design “intent” to provide construction subcontracts that provide maximum value in terms of both project time and cost.

Subcontractor Pre-qualification

Through the use our firm’s vast subcontractor database and invaluable experience within the project bid stage, Newport Construction will recommend a select list of subcontractors for each trade for owner review. Following this review a final list of prospective subcontractors will be compiled to include preferred vendors and/or subcontractors with whom owners, architects, and engineers have enjoyed previous successes with past projects.

Project Scheduling

As described in the estimating section, we at Newport Construction have the ability to not only assemble construction schedules but also, on request, create development schedules that will guide the project team through the design, construction and closeout phases of the project. These will include milestone dates of decisions required by the owner to keep the project progressing in effective directions.

In addition, Newport Construction will develop a preliminary schedule that will establish the “construction flow” and provide guidelines as to construction duration and specific milestone events. This preliminary schedule will be incorporated in the subcontractor bid packages to elicit feedback from the subcontractors to expose any possible scheduling conflicts, as well as to ensure that all subcontractors are aware of the construction sequence and timeframe in which they will be expected to complete their scope of work.

Establish a Project GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price)

Once subcontract scopes have been developed and a final list of prospective subcontractors has been compiled, each trade will be competitively bid with a minimum of four (4) subcontractors for each trade with an estimated value over a specific dollar amount (i.e. $25,000). These bid results, combined with the costs of permits, insurances, temporary utilities, other miscellaneous general conditions, and fees, will be used to establish the overall project GMP.

Project Meeting Coordination

Regular project meetings will be held with owners, architects, engineers, and all other design & construction team members to maximize effective project review and coordination. An agenda for each meeting will be thoroughly prepared to indicate and expose possible issues that may exist to allow project decisions to be made in the most effective & timely manner to minimize overall project conflicts.


Once a project GMP has been established and a release has been issued to Newport Construction’s management team, our firm will progress to the construction stage of the project. Newport will commence project construction and perform the following services:

Subcontract Selection

Immediately following subcontractor pricing and subsequent to all associated trades being tabulated, Newport Construction will provide recommendations to the project’s owner and design team for final subcontractor contract awards.

These recommendations will incorporate such issues as a subcontractor's final price, their proposed manpower and scheduling, past performance, etc. Following contract award decisions from the owner, all appropriate subcontract paperwork will be issued and contract procedures will be executed (i.e. collection and review of subcontractor insurance & liability certificates.)

Construction Supervision & Inspections

Newport Construction will maintain a project management staff that will include one of our firm’s knowledgeable and highly experienced Project Superintendent, who will be responsible for directing, coordinating, and managing all construction activities.

These activities include but are not limited to the following lead processes: Coordination and direction of all the subcontractors & trades, construction inspection services, coordination of all requests for information, and documenting and expediting the shop drawing submittal and review process.

Our on-site staff will inspect materials prior to, and workmanship during, installation for conformance to specifications, intent of design, and superior construction practices.

Project Controls

In order to ensure that field operations and the construction process remain “on-schedule”, “on-budget”, and safe, we will establish and monitor the following project controls:

A Cost Event System will be implemented to record the cost of potential scope changes throughout the life of the project. This procedure identifies possible scope modifications as they occur and provides the project team with an effective means to make timely adjustments in design in order to maintain crucial project schedules and budgets.
This cost control system will allow the team to recognize precisely what project costs are to date and accurately forecast final project costs. This vital aspect of our cost control system allows the project team to engage in a proactive approach to possible cost altering conditions.
Newport Construction will update, revise, and reissue as necessary, the preliminary construction schedule prepared in the pre-construction stage of the project. This schedule will be presented in the form of a CPM Gantt chart and will include any outstanding pre-construction elements as well as construction sequencing, purchasing, shop drawing submittal processes, permit restrictions, owner FF&E, and long lead equipment procurement activities.
This schedule will undergo monthly review and analysis throughout the life of the project to identify and correct possible midcourse conflicts to ensure each project stays on track and meets our clients’ highest goal and expectation level.
Newport Construction will coordinate and lead regular project meetings with all on site subcontractors, appropriate major equipment companies and system vendors. The purpose of these meetings is:
 Coordination of work
 Resolution of conflict
 Review of the project schedule status
Comprehensive and accurate project files, logs, and meeting minutes are maintained in our field office for all documents, revisions, correspondence, contracts, reports, etc. In addition, Newport Construction will maintain daily field reports which thoroughly record all events, manpower levels, equipment, etc. associated with the project and will be available for owner review at all times during the life of the project.